1. "Merchant" refers to any entity whose products or samples can be purchased and/or redeemed via the Site
  2. "Services" means the services provided by Mirage Trade & Distribution on the Site
  3. "User Account" means the user account set up by a user of the Site, Mobile Application and/or Services.
  4. "Site" means www.miragemy.com.

  1. Registration is not required to use most of the functions of the Site to access most of the Services. However, registration is required to redeem. This is so that we can provide you with easy access to print your delivery orders, view your past activities and modify your preferences.
  2. If you are discovered to have registered multiple User Accounts using a single postal mailing address to abuse the Site or system, they will be deleted automatically without prior notification.
  3. Each person is permitted to register only once, upon which a User Account will be created.
  4. If you are under 18 years of age, please seek parental consent before registering.
  5. Registration is only limited to persons who hold a Malaysia postal mailing address.
  6. Mirage Trade & Distribution reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse or revoke registration to any applicant, and we are not obliged to give a reason for doing so.
  7. You warrant that your registration details, including but not limited to your name, mobile number, email address and date of birth, are true and accurate at all times and that you shall not impersonate any person or entity. You will maintain and promptly update the information in your User Account to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. Our Privacy Policy shall apply in respect of any such information provided by you.
  1. If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data or about our Policy, if you do not accept the amended Policy, if you wish to withdraw any consent you have given us at any time, or if you wish to update or have access to your personal data, you are welcome to contact us. The contact details are:
    Attention to : Mirage Trade & Distribution
    Email : support@miragemy.com
    Telephone number : +6010-219-6520
    Mail : No 2, Jalan Perdana 4F/KU5, Taman Aman Perdana, 41050, Klang Selangor, MY
  2. All requests for correction or for access to your personal data must be in writing. We will endeavor to respond to your request within 30 days, and if that is not possible, we will inform you of the time by which we will respond to you.
  3. We may be prevented by law from complying with any request that you may make. We may also decline any request that you may make if the law permits us to do so.
  4. In many circumstances, we need to use your personal data in order for us to provide you with products or services which you require or have requested. If you do not provide us with the required personal data, or if you do not accept the amended Policy or withdraw your consent to our use and/or disclosure of your personal data for these purposes, it may not be possible for us to continue to serve you or provide you with the products and services that you require or have requested.
  5. We may charge you a fee for responding to your request for access to the personal data which we hold about you, or for information about the ways in which we have (or may have) used your personal data. If a fee is to be charged, we will inform you of the amount beforehand and respond to your request after payment is received.
  1. Once registered, you shall be the sole user and operator of your User Account.
  2. All User Accounts must be registered with a valid email address that you access regularly, in order that, among other things, moderation emails (where required, including notification emails in respect of registration) and notification emails in respect of redemptions made by you may be sent to you. Any User Accounts which have been registered with temporary email addresses may be closed without notice. We may require Users to re-validate their User Accounts if we believe that they have been registered with an invalid email address.
  3. All User Accounts must be registered with a valid delivery address in order that any products or Samples redeemed by you may be delivered to you at such delivery address. You are responsible to ensure that the delivery address provided in your User Account is correct and accurate. Only Malaysia addresses will be accepted for registration as delivery of products or samples is only available for Malaysia addresses.
  4. If you use multiple logins for the purpose of disrupting a community or annoying other users, you may have action taken against you, including but not limited to suspension of any or all of your User Accounts.

  1. In the event that any user ID and/or password is used by you or issued to you by us during the process of your signing up to be a user/member of Mirage Trade & Distribution, you shall protect the secrecy of such user ID and/or password at all times and shall ensure that the user ID and/or password is not revealed or disclosed in any manner whatsoever to any person. You should change your password from time to time to enhance its security. You shall be fully responsible for all use and liability resulting from access to this Site with your user ID and/or password. We shall not be responsible for unauthorized transactions incurred by you arising from or in connection with the misuse or disclosure of your user ID and/or password.
  2. Any passwords or rights given to you to obtain information or other contents are not transferable and may only be used by you. You must keep your password confidential and immediately notify us if any unauthorised third party becomes aware of that password or if there is any unauthorised use of your email address or any breach of security is known to you. You agree that any person to whom your user name or password is disclosed is authorised to act as your agent for the purposes of using (and/or transacting via) the Services and the Site. Maintenance of the confidentiality of your password is your responsibility.
  3. If you suspect that your password has been compromised in any manner, you shall immediately inform us and change your password.

  1. We may correct your postal address information with standardized postal representation to reduce the chances of misdelivery due to an incorrect or incomplete address.
  2. Upon submission of your mailing address(es) to Mirage Trade & Distribution, you are required to double check the accuracy of the address(es). Mirage Trade & Distribution will not be liable for any loss or misdelivery of any product, sample or voucher as a result of your provision of a wrong/invalid address.

  1. Any free item (including samples and vouchers) redeemed from Mirage Trade & Distribution is not intended or allowed to be sold. If you do so, your User Account with Mirage Trade & Distribution will be automatically deleted without prior notification.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse to sell products or provide samples or vouchers to you if it reasonably appears to us that you intend to resell the products, samples or vouchers. In addition, we reserve the right to limit quantities of items purchased or redeemed by you.
  3. Samples/vouchers/products are subject to availability and will only be provided to you if you have adequate points for redemption or paid the purchase price (whichever applicable) and paid the delivery fee.
  4. The posting of prices on the Site is not an offer for sale of goods, and the order confirmation is not an acceptance of an offer to purchase goods. The contract for sale of goods between you and us is not entered into until we charge a valid credit card or otherwise accept payment from you.

  1. All products, samples and vouchers shall be delivered via post.
  2. All titles and risk of loss and damage of products, samples and vouchers will be passed to you when your order is dispatched by Mirage Trade & Distribution.
  3. Mirage Trade & Distribution will deliver the products, samples and vouchers according to the instructions in your order as accepted by Mirage Trade & Distribution. In the event the wrong products, samples and/or vouchers are delivered to you, please take a photo of such wrong products, samples and/or vouchers and send it to support@miragemy.com for verification purposes. Upon verification, we will redeliver the correct products, samples and/or vouchers (as the case may be) to you. You are not required to return the wrong products, samples and/or vouchers to Mirage Trade & Distribution.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, Mirage Trade & Distribution does not deliver products, samples or vouchers to any address outside of Malaysia under any circumstances.

  1. We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colours of our products and samples on the Site. Notwithstanding that, as the actual colors you see will depend on the settings of your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate. We do not warrant that the product descriptions are accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. If a product or sample offered by the Site is not as described, Clause 6.3 above shall apply.
  2. The effectiveness of any product or sample varies from case to case. Reviews of products and samples, which contain statements in relation to the effectiveness of any products or samples, may be found on the Site or on third party websites. We do not warrant the accuracy of any statements made by the reviewers in such reviews and accordingly we shall not be liable for any inaccuracy or misrepresentation in such reviews.

  1. You represent and warrant that if you are making any payments relating to the Services, any payment information you provided is true, correct and complete.
  2. You will pay the charges incurred for your use of the Services at the posted rates, including any applicable taxes, via the Site. Payment via the Site shall be completed through ipay88 secured payment gateway.
  3. All payment must be made in full. Mirage Trade & Distribution may retain any item for which we have not received payment in full until such time we receive full payment. We also reserve the right to dispose of the item in any manner we deem fit in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  4. We do not accept any request to split the payment for one (1) or more products, samples or vouchers which are made in one (1) or more orders.

  1. These Terms and Conditions may be modified from time to time. Any modifications to these Terms and Conditions will be effective upon publication on the Site or Mobile Application. You should therefore read these Terms and Conditions carefully before you place any order. Your continued use of the Services after any modifications to these Terms and Conditions indicates your acceptance of the modified Terms and Conditions.